More from the LA Garden Show: The Egg Chair


EggchairsThanks to the folks at Potted for sharing this photo of the truly fabulous Egg Chair. I fell in love with the orange one, but the black and white versions are cool, too.  This, they tell me, is a retro Latin American design that they’ve resurrected.  It’s made out of tough but  flexible vinyl, and it’s oh-so-loungeworthy.

Potted brought only a few simple, modern pieces to the LA Garden Show, but it was enough to convince me that I should make a trip to their shop on Los Feliz Blvd next time I’m in LA.  Anybody in LA been there?


  1. Put a wineglass in my hand and I may never be able to get out of one of those! But seriously, did you sit in it? It looks like the big rim might cut into the backs of your legs . . . . let us know if it doesn’t.

  2. Man, ’60s-style sling chairs have gotten pricey at $325. People on budgets can be just as comfortable – if not more so – with an Adirondack, starting at about 100 bucks online from various vendors.

  3. Nice looking chair, and speaking as one who resources a lot of outdoor furniture, the price is good for the quality & value.

    Haven’t been to Potted on Feliz Ave, I’m more of a shopper and also hit the wholesale design district when shopping for garden items in L.A.

  4. Back in the olden days my mother had very similar chairs in our backyard. There have been many times I wished I could some how get my hands on them. I suspect these are out of my gardening budget (Acers come first) but they are lovely. The one’s mom had were comfy too.

  5. These egg chairs are still on the front porch of every barely hanging on Catskill mountain motel. I wish they would go away along with gazing balls!

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