Open Letter to TruGreen



From them: TruGreen® is the world’s largest lawn and
      landscape company, serving more than 3.4 million residential and
      commercial customers across the United States with lawn care, tree and
      shrub care, and landscaping services. As the current industry leader,
      TruGreen continues to pioneer the development of new technology for lawn
      care, and devotes substantial resources to continually evaluate new
      products and equipment. TruGreen is a member of the ServiceMaster Family
      of Brands, which also includes TruGreen LandCare®,
      Terminix®, American Home Shield®,
      InStar®, ServiceMaster Clean®,
      Merry Maids®, Furniture Medic®,
      and AmeriSpec®. For more information, go to

I  found your blog post article – My Standard
Disclaimer about  Lawn Removal at this
  I understand that you’re promoting environmentally friendly means of lawn care?  I was

if you’d be open to any type of
advertising on this blog

Hi Susan,
I’m looking to promote TruGreen’s section on Lawn Care and Tips at
this page:
Is this something we can work out?

no, the lawn care tips section does not include synthetic lawn care


Took a lot of back and forth to even find out what he’s selling, or get a link to his site.


"I’m looking to advertise my site through a text link,
however, it  does not go well, with your promotion of
organic  means to care for lawns.  I’d still be interested
nonetheless in getting a text link in your post.  Is this
something we can still work
out? I’d really love to work with you on
this, so let me know if we can  work something out, thanks
so much Susan!

Bobby, here’s your answer.

Regular treatment, reliable results

trained specialists know how to create a green, nearly weed-free lawn,
and do it quickly. But a single application can’t do it alone.  A great lawn deserves more. Regular, consistent treatment and care produces the best possible results.


Customized care for every season and climate


Early Spring

first visit is designed to promote recovery from winter stress and
early spring greening. We also apply weed control and crabgrass
control, weather permitting.



the spring, your lawn needs extra nutrients to maintain color and
density. While delivering nutrient treatment, we also inspect and treat
weeds in your lawn. Crabgrass control may be reapplied if necessary.


Early Summer

conditions can stress your lawn. To prepare for the warm season ahead,
we fertilize, look for problems, and treat surface-feeding insects* and
weeds as necessary.


Late Summer

continues with a summer fertilizer application** that helps maintain
color without encouraging excess growth. Weeds will be treated if
necessary, and if grubs are present, we recommend a control option for


Early Fall

lawn needs help rebounding from summer stress. We provide proper
fertilization to facilitate recovery, and treat for insects and weeds
as necessary.


Late Fall

late fall treatment fertilizes to help thicken your lawn and encourage
new root growth. We continue to inspect for weed problems and treat as



The winterizer application promotes root growth and food storage important for your lawn’s survival during winter.