Reporting from Chelsea


I love this line from an article about the show gardens at Chelsea:

It’s like going to see lots of tiny little stage sets upon which  actors will never walk and the play never begin.

Funny–that is exactly what show gardens are like, although I never would have said it like that.  The artificial lighting, the empty chairs, the backdrops–looking at them gives me precisely the feeling I get when I sit in the audience waiting for a play to begin.  Here is this little world: what’s about to happen in it?

Which begs the question–why doesn’t anything happen in it?  How cool would it be to get a theater group to stage little plays in display gardens?  Hmmmmm…..

And speaking of Chelsea, check out Graham Rice’s report on over 80 new plants being launched at Chelsea this year.


  1. That’s brilliant! Just imagine how many more people you could get at your home & garden show booth if you had, say, a local high school drama group doing Shakespeare in the “garden.” I need to write that down…

  2. During the first decade of its life the San Francisco garden show ran at Ft. Mason Center which has some of the most stunning bay views in the city.
    It was an indoor show but the building has a spectacular sense of light due to its large loft style windows.
    Blue chip landscape architects, budding garden designers, performance artists, and environmental artists all designed and performed in their ‘stage sets’.
    It was avant guard, cutting edge and considered one of the best garden shows.
    It was also misunderstood and poo-pooed by those who expected to see pretty little english style cottage gardens , au natural bubbling creeks with adjacent woodland gardens and all the rest of the pedestrian design that you see now in most of the garden shows except those like Chateau Chaumont in France or Floriade in the Netherlands or the Rome Prize exhibition.

    Be careful what you ask for. It may come true.
    And then you might long for the good old boring days of prozaic garden duhsign.

  3. Great Idea!! I don’t do much theater or else I would jump on this!! You should definitely go forward with your idea before someone else steals it!! Good luck!!

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