Susan Harris: Sturdy As Stone


Susan Harris has become one of Renegade Gardener Don Engebretson’s "Top Picks" and his favorite Ranter, though the rest of us are not huffy about it, not at all.

The Renegade Gardener site explains the "Top Pick" distinction this way:

What does it take to make the grade as a Renegade Gardener "Top Pick?"

The item has to be useful without compromise, reliable beyond fail, and sturdy as stone, all while existing in perfect harmony within the Ten Tenets. Sure, it helps when some items arrive free in the mail.

We’re sure that Susan is as useful as a truckload of mulch, as reliable as a Raintower sprinkler, and as sturdy as a terra cotta pot.  Maybe she sends the Renegade free gifts, too. 

But Engebretson likes her because she speaks her mind, is really pioneering the whole idea of garden coaching, and has organized all the free-floating Web-based gardening knowledge into a Regional Gardening Gurus site.


  1. Susan, you’d have my vote – if I could! lol ;o) She is everything Engebretson has highlighted. Hugeous Mungous Kudos!!

  2. Kudos to Susan !
    I appreciate her passionate candor and enjoy reading her rants.
    I don’t always share her view, but you gotta love a woman who is not afraid to speak her mind.

  3. Wow – thanks, y’all! This is like having a birthday, but better.
    I thanked Don via email but hasten to add here that his was the first gardening website I ever sank my teeth into, and I continue to hang on his every word.

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