Veg-growing help


Friend of Rant Ed Bruske toiled (unpaid) a whole long day in 90+ degrees with a videographer to teach people how to grow vegetables and hardly ever complains about the 100+ times they had to stop to wait for the freaking sirens to pass by.  But in the end, it looks great and we thank Ed for doing more than his share to grow gardeners.  The first of 12 clips is below, and links to the other 11 are on this page.

And Adrian Higgins of the Washington Post is continuing his updates on community gardens and gardeners in this column, with the companion videos about the gardens here on this page.  Have we mentioned that growing food is hot these days?


  1. I’m ranting because no one else is. Great garden info, hot garden guy, and the best source of the latest garden info is found here.

  2. Thanks for the plug, Susan. Your readers should also know that these shoots are done without a script, just a bare outline. The silver lining for having to stop so often for sirens and car-radio-cell phone-pedestrian noises is by the sixth or seventh take what comes out of my mouth is starting to actually make some sense. Monkeysee did a brilliant job editing out all the background noise (we should be filming these on Sunday, not busy weekdays).

    We also stopped a number of times when the cameraman asked that I please push my hat back. My face is obscurred by shadows throuh most of these flicks. The camerman, who was working alone, had a reflector and was trying to direct the sun onto my face, but it turns out two hands aren’t quite enough.

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