Bloom Day California: Help! I’m a Daisy Farmer!




  1. My Shasta daisies are surprisingly happy in half-day shade, and they’ll do just fine in a little 12-in strip between the walkway and the house. They do get big and floppy, but that’s what shears and vases are for….

  2. Absolutely beautiful! They conjure up memories of my teenaged years, for some reason. A flower child, perhaps? Daisies are so bright and welcoming.

  3. Every year I swear that I’m going to dig and move the Shastas because they are bed hogs.

    Here in zone 7 the flowers are pooped out already and I could start taking them out but will I?

    Maybe and maybe not because they look like your photo every summer.

    It looks like a beautiful spot and I bet you find yourself staring at it every day.

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