Bloomsday, Saratoga Springs, NY



July 15 in my garden is all about the lilies.  I have lilium regale blooming right now and lilium longiflorum about to open, but the real stars at this particular moment are the Asiatics.

I like the black and white combination above.  The white is called ‘Navona’ and the black is called ‘Landini.’


And then I have the totally insane ‘Pink Giant’ that I’ve posted about before.  It’s towering over my garden, as well as starring in a vase in my front hall, thanks to all those broken-off stalks that I didn’t manage to stake before this week’s beating rain.



  1. I love your lilies and I have a fair number but am feeling the need for more. Up here is Western Mass my daylilies have barely begun blooming, and certainly not the Asiatics. I have a terrible fear they will be gone by Bloomsday in August, but I will visualize a beautiful show sometime in August.

  2. Commonweeder, I’m not so far from Western Mass. I’m surprised your Asiatics aren’t even rolling. A number of mine are totally finished. But yes, our daylilies are just opening, too.

  3. You mention regales. I know all trumpets hate shade, but you don’t have much shade. I have also noticed regular (not album) regales do better, but the yellow ones seem best. They all need total staking.

    I have many problems with lilies, which I plan to lay before you when you visit. Designing around them is the biggest. This year is the worst ever for that, I’m proud to say.

  4. I’m just getting into trying lilies and really liking them…my Landini finished a couple of weeks ago. I’ve got Sorbonne blooming now. I need to do combos like yours…guess I need to buy more!

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