Great Urban Spaces


Elizabeth calls it the Best. Garden Walk. Ever.  And sure enough, there were more gardens than ever, and the gardens I visited a second time were indeed even better than last year.  Like Gordon Ballard’s in the top photo, proving that a whole lotta garden can be packed in a tiny urban yard.Gordon400_2


In the next photo Jim Charlier, Garden Walk chairman and Art of Gardening blogger, proves that outdoor garden rooms ARE cool if they’re as homey and individualistic as this one, and that privacy doesn’t have to cost a fortune to create.  I have great memories of lolly-gagging in these comfy green chairs back in ’07 with my 3 GardenRant partners in crime (Amy, we missed you this year!)

Oh, and I ran into a veritable gardening-world celeb this year – Roger Swain, long-time host of “The Victory Garden,” also of Horticulture and People, Places and Plants fame.


Recently Christopher C tagged GardenRant with the “6 Random Things” meme and I seem to remember promising him I’d play along.  Now everyone knows that the only way to make it fun is to go wildly off-topic, but we try to be good girls and stay on topic here – with the occasional stretch – so I put it over on my blog where there are no rules.


  1. So good to see the photo of Roger Swain. His books are essential. Victory Garden hasn’t been the same since his departure. I hope his health is OK.

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