Ethel Gloves–Our Winners!


And the gloves go to: 

Kim for her ‘Little Glovies’ song.

Benjamin for standing up for his right to fabulous gloves.

And, if she checks back in and gets an email address to me, Becca for her fabulous red dress.

Kim and Benjamin, I sent you an email already.  Just need your address, size, and style of choice.

Thanks for playing!  Wow–65 entries! That’s more comments than we got for the garden cart giveaway.

Remember that you can still order a pair online and use the promo code RANT to get 10% off.


  1. i’m new to Garden Rant and mostly love it. (you made me want to jump in my car and drive to Buffalo.) but 2 & 3 on your Manifesto list aren’t believable:

    nobody’s bored with perfect gardens, it’s what we all strive for, knowing full well we’ll never truly have it.

    and who wants a chaotic, bug-ridden garden? all the gardeners i know want to get beyond chaos. hey, what’s a ‘real’ garden?

  2. In answer to Dean:

    Even though this is not my manifesto, I’ll defend the bug-ridden part. If you want a bird-friendly yard, first you must invite the bugs. And butterfly gardeners hope for a moth-eaten garden because this condition indicates that butterfly (and moth) larvae have found something to eat. It’s most sustainable to use integrated pest management (IPM) where you encourage bugs and their predators to reach a balance–the ultimate supply and demand scenario. Hey, and not using poisons just happens to be better for you, your children, and the local environment.

  3. Yes, “bug-ridden” is a good thing as far as we’re concerned. It means your garden works as a habitat for wildlife–not just the pretty ones like butterflies, but the hard-working beetles, bees, etc, too.

  4. Amy: i agree 100%. by “ridden” (the word has a negative connotation) i thought you meant pest-ridden.

    Ginny: who said i use poisons? never touch the stuff. i have a clean garden full of bugs, bees, and birds.

    can i stay? i’ll be nice.

  5. Lots of garden plants aren’t bothered by bugs. If they are I pull them out. Wish I had more control over weeds!

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