Notes on the Google


I used to be one of those blog-writing slackers who rarely remembers to visit and comment on other gardening blogs.  Then Elizabeth mentioned that
she uses Google Reader… and it changed my life.  I just use the feed
symbol in my Firefox browser, clicking on it to subscribe to each blog I want to follow.  Then it’s SUCH fun visiting my Google Reader page
and seeing who’s posted something new – like finding little gifts here and there.  I even pop in on a few nongardening
blogs, like the family friend who got me into blogging back in 2005. (And guess what HER score was on the Cuss-o-meter?  A whopping 45.9 percent! That should put GardenRant’s prim 4 percent in perspective.)

So, sorry about my slacker behavior
these last 3 years, everyone.  I was waiting for this feed thing to get
super-duper-easy, and it has.

Okay, this only works if you have some leads as to what a plant’s name might be.  But if someone gives you something that could be X or Y, just put X and Y into Google’s Image search and voila!  Of course you can’t just grab those photos for your blog, but for any other purpose – like your own garden records – it’s cool.  While you’re at it, Google-Image yourself – it’s fun!

Now all of YOU GUYS know this but just in case someone ELSE is reading this, here’s a comment that was left on my 3-year-old post about HGTV’s Gardener Guy Paul James:

My wife and I are moving
from Malibu, CA to Montreal, Canada, (long story don’t ask, ha, ha ,ha). 
What are the growing zones in Montreal, and what are the best shrubs,
flowering plants, and herbs/vegetable plants to grow in the region?  And,
yes, loooong winter is also correct there too.  Looking for advise for my
wife, hope you can help.

Sincerely, Desperate Husband Keeping
Relocating Wife Happy

What are the odds this desperate husband is going to make his wife happy by writing to some TV guy in TULSA, OKLAHOMA to ask about growing conditions in Montreal?  Honestly.  If only he’d found the Regional Garden Gurus’ Upper Midwest page, huh?  But this guy simply didn’t try very hard  because a quick Google search for "gardening Montreal" would have sent him to this meaty-looking site by the Montreal Botanic Garden.  How hard was that?


  1. I think Google Reader sends you an alert every time someone updates their blog… I feel sorry for anyone who uses it to visit my blog because I am ALWAYS editing and revising my blog posts.

    Also, good is Google Alerts. I use that for all kinds of stuff.

  2. Chuck b, not so. At least the way mine is set up, there ARE no emails. I go to my page on the Google Reader site and it’s all there, and only the first time posts are published, not every time they’re edited and saved again. (What a pain THAT would be.)
    And YES to Google alerts. I use a bunch of them, too.

  3. Google Reader is sweet, I keep tabs on all my favorite garden blogs with it. And friends can share stories and posts that they find on blogs with you…

  4. I heart Google Reader. If you go to “Manage subscriptions” and then click on the “Goodies” tab, there’s a “Next” button you can put on your browser links bar (and also a “Subscribe” button). If you click on that “next” button, it takes you to the next blog in your subs list that has a new post. I just click next, next, next and see all the new posts in a row until I’m caught up.

    Though these days getting caught up can take a long time! So many good blogs out there.

    Also, for mystery plant IDs, a friend just turned me on to the “Name That Plant” forum at GardenWeb. You can upload a photo or link to it, and within minutes someone usually has named it for you:

    I used it the other day to ID some plants as weeds, and promptly pulled them.

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