Young women garden activists in the news



Check out Adrian Higgins’s terrific story of the three community gardeners who embarked on a 2,000-mile bike trip last summer to document urban farming from Washington, D.C. to
Montreal. Too bad the online version doesn’t include all the photos but I got a screen shot of my favorite from the Home&Garden main page.  (To show you how much attention the story is given, a wider version of this photo occupies the entire H&G front page above the fold.  Editors seem to want more gardening stories about people, and are getting them.) 

I first reported on the threesome during their road trip, then covered the prescreening of their movie about the trip.

But Higgins actually interviewed them, and this quote might be of interest to Rant readers: "People our age want to get back into farming and we wanted to get those stories out."

And Marion Nestle had this to say about that: "It’s a social movement.  It’s not just young people, but it’s really grabbed the attention of young people because it’s so totally tied to climate change and other issues that concern them."  She says the movement is "not organized and very spontaneous and grass-roots, and represents the best elements of American democracy."

Then I found this, quoting Higgins: "The three would stay with friends and remote acquaintances, and sometimes they would knock on the door of a house that gave off friendly vibes and ask to pitch their tent in the garden."  Wow, takes me back to a road trip I took in ’68, when my college girlfriend and I took off on a grand summer adventure in a hippie’d-up VW bug.  We logged about 10,000 miles throughout Western North America and were proud to report that we never paid a dime for lodging.  That took some youthful naivete and lots of chutzpa, and produced not just free accommodations but invites to join farming families for breakfast and dozens of other experiences you just don’t get as a tourist, some far more adventurous than farm-family breakfasts, I’ll tell ya.


  1. Man, I wish I had been born about 20 years earlier so *I* could have had a road trip in ’68! I’ve done some cross-country bicycling trips that were fun but I’m sure things must have been more open and – dare I say – idyllic back then.

    I’d like to see the movie. I’d like to see “The Garden”, too, but I’m not seeing these movies show up on screens around the SF Bay Area. Don’t know why. Maybe I’m just not paying enough attention.

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