Sustainable Gardening in Florida Winners Are…



Ginny Stibolt thanks everyone who submitted their photo choices and reports that her computer’s random
selection feature chose Christopher C
and Robin Haglund to win copies of her forthcoming book Sustainable Gardening for Florida. Congrats!  And here are the photos Ginny and her editors have selected, with your help.


  1. I love free swag. Thanks Ginny! And the good thing is the information in your book can be shared with and used by a bunch of my relations in Florida. I even have a semi-client in St. Augustine who often asks me to work some when I come down to Florida.

  2. Yes, congratulations to Christopher and Robin and thanks to all who participated; your input really helped. You’ll notice, though, that the photos we actually ended up with include some different shots than those I originally presented to you. My editor and I decided that we should create an outline of the book in photos rather than a random assortment of glamour shots.
    The cover will be decided upon later and the bee and sunflower that so many of you chose just may end up on the cover even though it’s not in the center photos. My editor called in one of the marketing people who brought out a stack of recent releases. Many of those books had two photos on the front cover with an assortment of other smaller photos on the back cover and even on the spine. So we’ll see…
    Researching and writing this book has been a grand adventure.

  3. Yay! It feels great to win! I can’t wait receive my copy. I get questions from gardeners all over the world (shameless plug: and often I find myself looking up resource information for individuals outside my area or area of expertise. Gardening is a lifelong learning opportunity for me, and knowing more about more places is priceless. Thanks so much & kudos for putting this book together!

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