The Garden Writers Discussion Board



This board is open to anybody who calls themselves a garden writer, editor, photographer– including, of course, bloggers.  It’s a place to talk shop about the profession of garden writing, but Garden Writers Association (GWA) membership is not a requirement.

We’re just putting this out there as a free and easy way for garden writers and photographers to communicate.  I know there’s already a garden writers listserv and a forum on GardenWeb devoted to garden writing, and this isn’t intended to replace anything that’s already out there.  But I think discussion boards have certain advantages–they’re easy to read, it’s nice to have more or less permanent forum topics to browse, and of course you can read it online or subscribe via email or RSS. 

So please–help us spread the word by re-posting this on your own blog or emailing your garden writer friends.  Because this is a private board, it won’t turn up in Google searches.  So the only way people will know about it is through word of mouth.

How to Join the Garden Writers Discussion Board:

1.  Visit  If that doesn’t work for some reason, try going straight to the login page:  I’m showing you the URL for both of these so you can also type the link in manually if you need to.

2.  Sign up for an account by following the "Create a New Profile Here" link.

3.  You’ll be directed to a screen that asks you if you want to see if you have any friends on Yuku. Forget about that for now.  Just hit the Later button at the bottom of the screen.

The next page will say "Getting Started Guide" at the top.  Also at the top it says "Back to Garden Writers."  Click that link. 

If you don’t see that link or if you get lost somehow, after you’ve created your Yuku account you should just be able to go to again and you’ll be right where you need to be for this next step.

4.  Here you’ll be prompted to write a few words about yourself that would somehow prove that you’re a garden writer.  A link to your blog, website, newspaper column, published book, etc. would be most helpful. But just give us something short and simple that lets us know that you’re a garden writer and not a spammer.

5.  We will approve you just as soon as we can–hopefully within 24 hours. Once you’re approved, you’ll get an email (oh, happy day!) and you’ll need to click on that validation link to be approved.  If you have a tough spam filter, make sure it allows emails from  And if you don’t get that email, just try coming on back to the board in a day or two and logging in.

Now you can start reading and posting!  Start with the ‘About the Garden Writers’ section at the top for some introductory information.

Questions? Problems?  Issues?  If you can’t go there, post a comment here.

One follow-up:  someone wanted to know why a birthdate was required to sign up.  That’s Yuku’s way of preventing spammers–not my requirement, but theirs.  Many services now require birthdates.  I use a fake birthdate, and you can, too.  Just make sure it’s one you can remember (and one that makes you seem a little younger!).  In fact, for most "personal questions," I give fake answers that I can remember but that cannot be easily guessed by someone else.