Everything I Needed to Know About Gardening I Learned In Mendocino



Crazy sculpture is pretty much mandatory in Mendocino.  I think there’s a zoning ordinance requiring it.


LOVE the wooden boardwalks through the gardens.  I so want one of these.  Made of recycled lumber, of course.


And finally:  happy, happy annuals.  To look at those cosmos, you’d think this place got sunshine and warmth.  But no.  Even in the fog, the whole town blooms its little head off.


  1. I’m right there with you.
    My working foundation of horticulture came from the Mendo Bot when it was under the direction of Gary Ratway ( now owner of Digging Dog Nursery).
    When I was a gardener for several of the bed and breakfast inns and a some residential homes up on the coast it was the Nursery at the Mendo Bot that I frequented to purchase plants for my accounts. Back then, the back side wholesale nursery was a meeting grounds for us professional gardeners to get together and share our experiences as well as exchange cuttings.
    The ‘family style’ wholesale nursery is no longer there but a retail nursery exists along with the ever expanding gardens that so many local gardeners contributed to.
    The Mendo Bot will always inspire –

  2. thanks for sharing the Mendo story. I have some heartstrings attached to that area of the world & have (& will) visit it as often as I can in life. A particular treat is not only enjoying the coast but the redwoods just a bit inland from there. Truly, a treat!

    Any chance you visited Cafe Beaujolais while there? The food is amazing; the gardens stunning!

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