Ft. Collins Says Yes to Chickens, and Other Chicken News


first, this, in case you didn’t see it:  a flock of free-range chickens in Harlem. Lends credence to the idea that I could, actually, live in Manhattan and have a garden and chickens. Just need somebody to pay for it, that’s all.

And now:

A big thumbs-up to Ft. Collins, CO, for deciding to allow backyard hens.  The rules:  Six hens max, no roosters, and you can’t slaughter them.  Fair enough. 

Salt Lake City is still thinking about it.

A Vermont couple actually found the police at their door about their illegal chickens, but they’re all legit now.

Ann Arbor will let you have four hens, but you’ve got to do some paperwork first, including getting a consent form from the neighbors. 

And in Oregon, a woman fights to keep her chickens in spite of zoning laws that make it hard to have backyard hens and still comply with the required buffer zones. You can see pictures of her very charming coop on her blog here.


  1. Hey Amy,

    Raleigh’s interest in keeping chickens has risen drastically in the last few years with a tour of area coops – mostly in the older sections of Raleigh – inside the beltline. We host a “Hen-side” the Beltline Tour d’ Coop. It is held in May. Families come to see and learn about keeping chickens. The tour is $5.00 and the money goes to the Raleigh Urban Ministries. There are fancy coops, fun coops, functioning coops. Every year, I meet homeowners who started keeping chickens from the previous years’ tour. A great way to see and learn about chicken keeping.

  2. This chicken post has me reminiscing. About 4 years ago we renovated a huge backyard and put in a prairie garden in Oak Park (a collar suburb of Chicago so it’s pretty urban there).

    In the back we discovered a large metal coop shared by a Guinea Hen, a Raven & large White Goose. All of which are illegal according to the zoning laws.

    But nevertheless, I thought it was pretty cool that no one had ratted her out to the village – hey, the birds seemed pretty happy and well fed so why not?

  3. Chickens are legal and popular here in Madison, Wi and lots of local news stories and classes about how to raise them, the kinds of fancy coops folks have built etc.

    It reminds me of when I was a little girl in Buffalo and my friend’s grandparents had chickens in their back yard. What goes around …

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