GWA Photos on Flickr–and bloggers.


Tons of beautiful Portland garden photos from the GWA conference attendees here.  If you’re going to be posting photos, tag them gwa2008 and everybody can see them here.

And a round-up from bloggers at GWA:  Judy Lowe of the Christian Science Monitor wonders why people garden.

Mr. Garden Wise Guy has several posts and great photos, including yet another one of Susan in her boa.  What a vamp! 

Homewood Nursery posted garden tour photos.

Kelly Norris managed to get a post a day up, too.

And I’m sure there will be more coming from Susan soon!


  1. Liked the photos on flicker and am being a nitpicker because on page 3 the begonia shown was not Bonfire. Bonfire is different in every way. It’s a dangling sun lover with harsh orange spidery blooms. Gotta rant about Terra Nova pushing cool echinacheas. They don’t stay true to form.

  2. Way to go showing off Portland! I attended garden writers and I’m glad I went for many reasons. The main is because I have been jealous of Portland for so many years. I would pick up glossy magazines and all I would see is Portland, Portland, Portland. Where was Raleigh? I have been working hard to get Raleigh noticed and the Nation will be seeing a lot or Raleigh soon – including hosting the Garden Writers conference in September 2009. But now…now I have a new perspective. There are so many gardens featured from Portland because, well…there are just so many gardens. It’s not that we don’t have them, we do! But it just seems like everyone is a gardener in Portland. I was craning my neck to see gardens we were passing as we travelled to to see the great gardens. All were wonderful. Lucy Hardiman I love your garden! So thrilled to see it in person. I loved them all. Porland – you got it going on!

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