Talking Plants’ Ketzel Levine Comes to Visit


Ever had an expert gardener come to visit your garden and not say a peep about it?  I was steeled for that possibility but Ketzel said lots of nice things and was an altogether delightful visitor. 

Only thing is, she gets to work for National Public Radio, headquartered here in D.C., and live in Portland, Oregon!  I’ll be visiting Portland later this week, touring lots of gardens (including, I hope, Ketzel’s) and I almost dread coming home with a bad case of Portland Envy.


  1. Well, no one seems to be making a comment here, so I’m going to jump in. I’ve followed Ketzel Levine’s Talking Plants blog for many years, from back when she was one of the very few interesting gardeners on the Internet. She is absolutely magnificent. Formidable, as the French would say. All I can say is that I admire her only a tiny bit less – sorry Ms. Levine, you Doyenne of Dirt – than my fantasy friend Scott Simon (I’ve never met him, but once many years ago I got to sit in his office chair for a minute). Ketzel, I love what you’ve been doing to your garden space and I hang on every word of your NPR segments. You go, girl!

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