The Last Chicken News of the Day


And finally–the news item that inspired it all.  I live in such a small town that when a guy starts hanging out downtown with his pet chicken, the local paper sends a reporter over to cover it.  You can read the story here.  I’ve met the chicken in question, and she’s a sweet, sociable thing, as most Ameracaunas (or Americanas) seem to be.  She’s really taken to life in Old Town–she hangs out at the coffee shop with him, picking up crumbs and globs of yogurt.  And she’s a great conversation-starter.  Her owner says:  “It’s completely changed my life. Now I’m a social person and it’s all because of the chicken. It’s the strangest thing.”

The bird is only a few months old, so we’ll see what happens when she starts laying eggs.  Most hens like routine when it comes to egg-laying; she’s not likely to hop up on his lap and do the deed wherever they happen to be.  Then again, stranger things have happened.

Check this local blog for some charming photos of man and hen strolling around Eureka.


  1. Hilarious! I have major fantasies of keeping chickens (Seattle allows 3 hens per household) but have never done it. Cute how the hen views her guy as a fellow flock member. As you say, all may change when she achieves laying age. Good old Humboldt County. 🙂

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