The World of Kurt Bluemel


Pool1400You’ll be seeing more of the awesome garden of this world-renowned plantsman, designer and author, and hearing what he had to say when I visited with him yesterday.


  1. Never heard of Mr Bluemel. And is it just my eye or does the color of the water in that pond look odd? All else looks so natural, but I think the edge lines around the pond look painted. I mean no offense and perhaps the water needed circulated, but to me that water feature resembles a man-made quarry.

  2. I’ve been familiar with the Bluemel nursery line of plants ( mostly ornamental grasses I believe ) and have read several articles about him or written by him over the years ( mostly from East Coast based publications) .
    It appears he has contributed a lot to the ornamental horticultural profession and its related allies for quite sometime.
    I’ll be looking forward to your upcoming article on this plantsman.

    As an aside, in regards to the swimming pool that is pictured above, I think Bluemel did a good job integrating a gunite pool into the landscape.
    This is not an easy thing to do when setting large rocks into the bond beam and then setting in the tile band.
    The plaster color looks like it is ‘Tahoe Blue’, (common in the trade). It will change intensity of color with the reflection of the sky. Looks like it might have been a slightly overcast day when that photo was taken.

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