Want a refrigerator in your front yard?



Of course you don’t.  But cable companies are trying to keep up with the competition by plopping equipment boxes being described as refrigerator-size onto front lawns and in rights-of-way.  Now they’re actually 4 feet tall by wide, and 2 feet deep, but still big ole eyesores.  Residents from Philly to San Fran and in between are saying "Not in my front yard," which I guess makes them NIMFYs.

Here’s the story and thanks to Yvonne Cunningham for the tip.

Photo by Rich Anderson.


  1. I got one of those by my house after Katrina. The box itself is a bit larger than the measurements given, but it is also set on a large cement slab. I planted an oleander on one side, and plumbago on the other. Here in NOLA, plumbago is almost a weed. I figured it would crawl up the telephone pole, and heap around the ground beside the slab. After going on a trip (a regular vacation, NOT an evacuation), I came home to brown ground. I found the herbicide pack thrown under the oleander, which also had a few brown branches (it grew from one and a half feet to 10 this summer). Nothing has grown back there. These are not good neighbors. I’m going to wait a while for the ground to recover, and then . . FIVE plumbagos and vigilant surveillance.

  2. Sounds like community activism will be rising up!

    Not vandalism…they can study the best areas for and the community can figure out where it is the least eyesore. Hold a contest – to paint, do murals, add a surrounding trellis (know what they must access first), have a clematis contest!

  3. The boxes have access doors on all four sides, so a trellis around it probably won’t work (I considered it). The slab does give enough standing room for the employee. I’m waiting for all this hurricane stuff to be over and then I’ll address it with the company. Right now, I may bake cookies later to give to all utility and clean-up workers to thank them for getting us back up within just a few days. Hoping desperately Ike misses us. Fifteen hours to drive 200 miles. But how wonderful to come home!

  4. Yeah, there are these in my community, too… luckily, I do not have one in my yard–they are being installed on the other side of the street. But you would think, really, that there would be some way to hide them… or maybe some way to make them a bit bigger but drop them into the ground instead of having them aboveground? You seriously think that a car is parked in front of some of these houses until you see that it’s the dark green utility box instead…

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