Could Michael Pollan be tapped as our first Farmer in Chief?



Not if it takes sucking up to the candidates, he couldn’t.  According to this terrific interview on NPR’s Fresh Air,
after Pollan wrote his long piece in the New York Times Magazine calling for the hiring of a Farmer in Chief, one of the transition teams (and we can take a wild stab at which one) asked him to write a two-page summary of it.  His response was "Do it yourself!"  And the assertion that the article is as long as it needs to be.  Cheeky, huh?

The interview also includes lots about food policy, which Pollan actually understands, and the story of his thwarted attempt to calculate the carbon footprint of the White House lawn.  Turns out the amount of pesticides and fertilizers used on the thing is pretty much a state secret.


  1. Too bad – the idea of Michael Pollan as a cabinet minister is pretty exciting. But glad he wasn’t willing to boil down his ideas to notecard/soundbite format!

  2. Pollan should be appointed Secretary of Agriculture. Imagine what positive changes he will make.

    Hey, and maybe Susan could be Farmer-in-Chief. She could jump on the metro each day in her straw hat & overalls and coach the country to be more sustainable with a new Farmer-in-Chief blog!

  3. Somehow, the thought of Susan as farmer-in-chief just doesn’t work for me. Maybe it’s the overalls . . . . However, maybe we should make Susan the head of the EPA and make Michele the farmer-in-chief? As long as Michele isn’t offended, that is.

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