Could You, Would You, Maghound?


It’s being called the Netflix of magazines.  Maghound is a new service that allows you to pay a monthly fee and get the magazines of your choice. You can change your selections as often as you want.  So for instance, you can get 3 magazines a month for $4.95, up to 7 magazines a month for $9.95.  Or more!

Let’s see what they have to offer gardeners.

  • Garden Design
  • Horticulture
  • Organic Gardening
  • Country Gardens
  • Magazines with some garden coverage, like Martha Stewart and Better Homes & Gardens
  • Fantasy farm magazines (love these!) like Hobby Farm and MaryJane’s Farm
  • Regional lifestyle mags with some garden coverage, like Sunset and Southern Living

But where, I ask, is Fine Gardening?  Where are the Meredith garden publications? Canadian Gardening? What about getting us some British garden magazines?  And what about the smaller, regional publications like Pacific Horticulture, People, Places, and Plants, Master Gardener, or Washington Gardener?   

Because my husband founded a small magazine, I know firsthand how hard distribution is. It’s possible that getting your magazine distributed through Maghound is too complicated or expensive for small magazine publishers.  on the other hand, it’s also possible that this is the perfect way for small magazines to get out there. If it’s organized well, you should in theory only have to ship the number of magazines that people have requested next month. But nothing’s ever that easy, eh?

Thoughts?  Comments?


  1. Hey Amy! On behalf of one small regional garden mag publisher (Washington Gardener for the greater DC/Mid-Atlantic region), I looked at this but have been burned too many times before with new web sites to jump in at “beta” phase again. I’ll let others be the lab mice this time and work out the kinks, then I’m happy to jump in.
    As a mag-addicted reader myself, I can see from the consumer point of you this being very enticing and a fun way to experiment before commiting to a full sub.

  2. They have a lot of mags that I am interested in. I am going to sign up and see how it works. What do I have to lose it says one month free. I also see a lot of small niche mags. I assume it should be pretty easy to set up. They seem to have a link on contact us to request more info or add magazines.

  3. Sounds interesting but the thing with magazine is you never know which issue is the one that you will love. And yes I want Gardens Illustrated and some Euro magazines and the small or regional ones because they’re the ones we have no chance of finding locally.

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