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We’ve got 137 members on the new discussion board talking about everything from speaking fees to tips for new bloggers to the future of newspaper writing.  If you’ve signed up and you’re not sure whether you’re approved, it may be that your confirmation email got stuck in your spam filter.  Go here and sign in. You should be all set.

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  1. I just KNEW you guys would be over there on that discussion board having interesting private conversations. So what IS the future of newspaper writing? I read this recently (I know it’s 2 yrs old …I’m backed up on my reading): ‘In his book “The Vanishing Newspaper”, Philip Meyer calculates that the first quarter of 2043 will be the moment when newsprint dies in America as the last exhausted reader tosses aside the last crumpled edition.’ From:

  2. Hi Amy,
    I sent in my info for approval, but have not heard back with confirmation. Would you mind checking my “application status” for membership? Thanks,
    Shirley Bovshow

  3. If you haven’t heard back, it probably means you’re approved but the approval email got stuck in your spam filter. Just go to the forum and try to log in — you’re probably all set. Go here:

    for me to check on your info, I would need to know your “user name”–meaning the name you registered under. It might be your actual name, or it might be “gardengirl” or something like that.

    But really, there’s no need for that–just try to log in and if you can’t, that’s when we should wonder what happened.

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