Gardeners for Obama



Susan brought this up earlier; I’m just picking up on the thread.

The Obama campaign has a Gardeners for Peace and Obama group; you can join on their website.

And there’s a somewhat boring bumper sticker for sale.

The cool dirt-under-the-nails Obama gear, however, would have to be the Organic Farmers for Obama t-shirts. (Will all this stuff be collectible someday?)

And the black & white floral print Obama tennis shoes on Zazzle rock. Actually, whatever you do, don’t get sucked into browsing their floral Keds or bug-themed Keds.  Uh-oh.

And as if you had to ask:  there’s no Gardeners for McCain group. Although you can buy a lame t-shirt.


  1. The very best part is that for the same “made in America” white cotton T-shirt, the McCain-Palin shirt is $2 more! I just knew it would cost more…I bet our noble VP is getting the difference.

  2. this is still a free market economy even though the feds will own banks and our mortgagaes

    the fact that the opposition candidates t shirt is $2 more becomes a talking point shows pettiness. If the shirt was $2 more on obama’s side would you have complained about Obama’s price? Most likely not…….no you may have said maybe they are donating the extra $2 to charity.

    If the two shirts were the same price would price fixing enter the talk?

    I fall pretty far to the right but I think both candidates stink this election cycle. It is time to get back to grass roots momentum in this country so that every town once again has a butcher, a baker and a candlestick maker………….

    I am tired of sending our money over seas and across state borders
    to Bentonville AK…

    with that said I don’t care what side of the aisle you are from if you support LOCAL efforts in business, (especially farming)schooling (keep washington out of it) and of utmost keep the feds out of our private property and out of our wallets, and out of our gardens!

    The (shop local it saves money) TROLL

  3. While we’re talking politics, Michael Pollan has written an open letter to the candidates for president, titled “Farmer in Chief,” about the future of food production and much more in the NY Times Magazine this week.

    It’s a comprehensive, well-written article with a huge amount of factual information including the ratio of calories for food production to consumable calories of the food.

    Pollan suggests that the president should replace the South Lawn with a five-acre vegetable garden and in addition to the White House chef that the president should appoint a White House farmer. He has suggested duties for both the chef and the farmer that include encouraging Americans to prepare more healthful meals and to grow more of their own food. Brilliant.

    One of the commenters suggested that Michael Pollan should be the Secretary of Agriculture. Here’s hoping…

  4. Aaaah, you warned me but I failed to listen and I’m caught in the vortex of the floral Keds……

    Thank God for the comment about the McCain/Palin thong. The shock brought me back. Seriously, that is twisted!

  5. “Gardeners for Peace & Obama”!


    It IS hard to find any McCain voters in my local group of gardener-types (especially us “wildflower folks”:)

  6. “Susan brought this up earlier; I’m just picking up on the thread.” Sure, it’s MY fault we’re getting political here. Actually, I’ve got a political musing coming up tomorrow. S

  7. ugh. Don’t you think gardening is a realm that should transcend all the bs in life, including politics?

    I discovered this blog several months ago and I love it, but if too much more partisan political crapola seeps in, I think I’ll ditch it.

  8. Wow Mary, you couldn’t be more right. I’ll keep my opinions to myself until voting day, I’d love it if everyone else would do the same.

  9. The Founders understood what the promise that in a just polity every person would be under his/her own vine and fig tree.

    The liberals who believe Obama really is the liberal he’s been pretending to be may be disappointed when they see the socialist vision that really moves him. But maybe not.

    Maybe they’ll enjoy laboring on the soviet garden plot.

  10. My eyes do not glaze over with Obama-love. I think I’m missing a gene or something. “Together we can change Washington” is just about the most ridiculous thing anyone could say. (It does not help that McCain says it too.)

  11. You don’t have to think Obama will or can save us from ourselves or change Washington with the wave of the Big Kahuna’s wand. You only need to realize he is intelligent enough and thoughtful enough to stop digging deeper into the big giant hole we have dug ourselves into.

    As for socialism, Republican rule by fear and disaster has gotten us there quicker and faster and to more extremes than any Democrat would ever want, as imagined in the delusional thinking of right wingnut thinkers.

  12. Not that I’m saying anyone here has eyes that glaze over when Obama comes on the television (which is constantly); that sounded insulting and I do apologize. I live in San Francisco where you can’t throw an organic apple without hitting some Obama-nut on the head or walk down the street without being asked to join on someone’s bandwagon. It’s gets especially bad every four years.

  13. “You only need to realize he is intelligent enough and thoughtful enough to stop digging deeper into the big giant hole we have dug ourselves into.”

    That’s fine, and I will probably vote for him myself, but this portrait of restraint is not what’s getting broadcast where I am. The message being peddled is much bigger.

  14. ahh Chris the intolerant strikes again.anyone to the right of him is a wingnut.etc.etc etc……

    Amazing how most liberals cannot tolerate a differing opinion….

    typical liberal………political opinions are fine as long as they agree with theirs. If not they reduce themselves to name calling.

  15. OH!!! You can individualize the different colors and prints on the shoes!!

    AAAAKKKK! I gotta have one…

    (and one is about all I can afford, 1/2 of $60 is about what I can afford)

  16. Chris: Republicans are another matter. I didn’t say anything nice about them.

    Granted Obama is intelligent and thoughtful. Also socialist. Mao was thoughtful and intelligent, and could speaking movingly of equality.

  17. Mr Draiss, I live with two right wingnuts. I was birthed by right wingnuts. I love them dearly. Can’t get more tolerant than that. Still there is no way to avoid the fact that wishful thinking devoid of reality based on truths manufactured out of thin air is nutty. And when it comes to name calling liberals are rank amateurs compared to the bile coming from “Movement Conservatives”.

    MLU what proof, facts, or evidence do you have that Obama is a socialist?

  18. Christopher: The only evidence that we have about hims tends towards Marxist roots. The key figures in his political career were hard left Marxists–Ayers and Wright. He cites the influence on his thought of radical Saul Alinksy in his autobiography.

    Whenever he gets a chance, he moves as far to the left as he can–the most leftist record in the Senate.

    When he slips off his careful script that makes him sound like a generic liberal, he expresses his contempt for those who “cling to god,” etc. His wife also has to guard herself against the hate America attitude of the revolutionaries.

    His base is pretty hard left–not much difference between Move On and Marxist radicals–even the Che! posters.

    None of it is hard evidence. It’s just common sense character judgment based on what we know about the man–which he’s careful to keep to miniumum.

    I’m not a Republican and I don’t intend to vote for McCain. But Obama is big league trouble.

    My experience with liberals is that rarely do they pay attention to evidence. They just go with what makes them feels good, and Obama has mastered the sort of speech that makes them tingle. He’s charismatic.

    I’m a Constitutionalist, a historian, and a Christian. I only need to follow the evidence and believe what’s true. No party spirit for me.

    A vine and fig tree, my family, my garden. . .

  19. MLU, you lost me at the start. “The ‘key figures’ in his political career were hard left Marxists–Ayers and Wright.” Get real.

    Ayers he barely even knew and Wright was his minister. As such, Wright is concerned with his soul and his eternal salvation. As a Christian I would think you would know that is what Christian ministers mainly do, the spiritual, not the political. At least it used to be that way.

  20. Get real?

    Ayers (whose group admitted to setting the bombs that killed 7 people) secured $50 million dollars for distribution to radicalize schools and his group hired Obama to direct the project. It was Obama’s first real job.

    I know Obama tried to obscure his relationship and evidently you believed him. He is intelligent and charismatic, after all.

    Wright (G— Damn America!) himself is famous for his Black Liberation Theology, which is Marxist. If you think Wright is interested in the spiritual rather than the political, you have paid no attention to him. Liberation Theology IS political. Obama stayed close to him for 20 years. Even Oprah quickly headed for the exit when she figured out what Jeremiah was about.

    Maybe you could also look into ACORN, for whom Obama was general counsel in Illinois, and to whom he gave $700,000 this year, and who is being raided by the FBI in 11 states for voter fraud. They think it would be wonderful if all fifty states had melt downs like Florida had. Chaos in the streets! Revolution! Whoo-eee!

    I wish I were making this up.

  21. “It’s just common sense character judgment based on what we know about the man–which he’s careful to keep to miniumum.” For those who feel this way, may I recommend his 1995 book “Dreams of My Father”? You’ll get a huge dose of extremely personal revelations about Obama’s life. You might conclude that the man is very left-leaning, but I guarantee you won’t conclude that he’s “careful to keep to a minimum” personal details.

  22. Get the facts. Go to, the Annenberg Political Fact Check project of the Annenberg Public Policy Center (APPC) of the University of Pennsylvania, and, a project from the St. Petersburg Times and Congressional Quarterly. Gotta love the latter’s “Pants on Fire” rating some statements receive, including the McCain ad connecting Obama and Ayers. These are non-partisan sites – all candidates receive the acid test.

    Congressional Quarterly,, has a reputation for providing non-partisan reporting and I’ve found that to be true (not so for the blogs but those are supposed to be opinion sites). If you join as a member, I think you get to see more than what’s on the above but I haven’t looked into it more.

    I’m all for political discourse but I firmly believe we can’t do that with name calling, pigeon-holing, and lies. Our country won’t move forward unless we have intelligent dialog (oh, dear, did that just make me sound elitist?).

    And now back to gardening, my refuge of peace and sanity in these insane times.

  23. For ACORN, just reading the newspapers should be enough. In Lake County, Indiana, ACORN turned in 5,000 new registrations. The authorities there started reviewing them, and quit after they found that the first 2,100 were all fraudulent. Even CNN is covering it accurately.

    Then do read Barrack’s biography to learn how he feels about ACORN. It’s his kind of outfit.

    Though it’s hard to know what to make of that book. In an interesting aside, the editor of Ayer’s biography was approached by the young and unknown Obama who asked him if he would ghost a biography for him. The editor didn’t, but he is an authority on intellectual fraud and he thinks it likely that Ayers wrote Dreams of My Father, since it sounds like Ayers, and since Ayers and Obama were close, and since there’s no evidence that Obama can write–evidence that would be easy to produce if it existed.


    forgot the link

    I don’t believe you’re a liberal, Christopher. You’re actually looking things up. Fact Check and Congressional Quarterly are good, though news is breaking quite quickly.

    I’ve read dozens of books by liberation theologians and have reached my own conclusions about them. They would not consider it an insult to be called Marxist.

    But to really get the flavor of these people, read their hero, whom Obama extolls in his biography:

    Original epigraph from that book:

    “Lest we forget at least an over-the-shoulder acknowledgment to the very first radical: from all our legends, mythology, and history (and who is to know where mythology leaves off and history begins – or which is which), the first radical known to man who rebelled against the establishment and did it so effectively that he at least won his own kingdom – Lucifer.”

    You can’t make this stuff up.

    Happy gardening.

  25. MLU, I don’t know whose e-mails you are reading, but they are not telling you the truth. Repeating it here doesn’t make it any more true.

    Now Amy aren’t you glad you started this? I was shopping online while chatting with MLU, but not for Obama swag.

  26. I thought Michael Pollan’s article in Sunday’s NYT Magazine was very important, and I hope whoever is elected pays attention. I don’t think I have heard it mentioned before that decentralizing food production is not only about ‘food miles’ or pollution, but about national security.

  27. I wonder if either candidate REALLY gardens. So far, nothing I’ve read here suggests Obama getting his hands dirty like we do when working the soil. And I’m not using metaphors; I’d love to know if McCain or Obama has a garden and if so, who works it? I think it’d make a good article. The headline might read: McCain plants taters; Obama plants potatoes. Who grows the best?”

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