Kurt Bluemel – Mr. Grass or Mr. Perennial?







  1. Thanks for carrying this interesting biography – the people behind the big name designers certainly don’t get the recognition they deserve. As you say the designers couldn’t do it without the nurseries and their workers.

  2. Thank you for mentioning Oehme, van Sweden. The designers could never do it without their clients either. OVS has used these types of plants over the years in many different settings both commercial as well as residential and I think that the most recent group of green roofs has been a terrific new area for these wonderfully adaptive plants.

  3. Hi Susan, this was a good interview, and that little tidbit about Nazi Youth? Wow. I remember when grasses came into vogue and have been adding them to my garden ever since. So glad you asked about the lawn replacement too, his suggestion sounds heavenly.
    BTW, my link has changed from what is listed in your sidebar to


  4. We need a rant about other ideas than lawn–or, I need one. I’m getting cold feet about trying it at my house, in my newer suburban subdivision. I get so pissed seeing everyone with a few barberries and mowing twice a week, that I want to go the way opposite direction, but then think about resale value, about being the nut at the top of the hill….

  5. Thanks for the wonderful article on Kurt! There are so many amazing plantsmen working outside of the spotlight that have totally changed Horticulture in America and Kurt is definately one of them.
    If you would like to read more about Kurt’s life and contributions, Allen Bush posted today an amazing tribute to Kurt on The Human Flower Project Blog

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