Garden Books in the Washington Post


Joel Lerner delivers his yearly round-up of gift-worthy books, and we’re happy to see high praise for the recent works by Ranter Allan Armitage and guest-poster Ken Druse.  Among Lerner’s other picks, I’m lusting for Listening to Stone and the University of Maryland Master Gardeners Handbook.


  1. My husband actually asked for a book. We can’t afford the ATV or a new bow he would like. He was touched by the movie ‘Into The Wild’ and wants to know what plants he could survive on if needed. So far the only 5 star rated book is Euell Gibbon’s. ‘Stalking The Wild Asparagus’.
    Amy’s ‘Flower Confidential’ would be a good gift to me but I already read it and shared it with a good friend who enjoyed it, too.

  2. The book I am recommending that I have not seen on anyone else’s list is Art and the Gardener: Fine Painting as Inspiration for Garden Design by Gordon Hayward. It’s a completely different way to think about design and a beautiful art book in one.

  3. Gordon Hayward’s ‘Art & The Gardener’ is a word of mouth ‘sleeper’ . It has been on constant loan to friends since they week I bought it. I am giving quite a few as gifts this year in anticipation of Gordon’s Seminar in February sponsored by the Horticultural Society of Maryland. I am a member and we have offer a day-long Design Seminar every year to hurry away winter. I have found all Gordon Hayward’s books to be wonderful reading but of particular usefulness is the classic “Your House, Your Garden’

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