Garden Coaches – We Have a Forum!


Garden coaches have their Worldwide Directory of Coaches – about 120 strong now, and our Garden Coaching Blog.  Fine, but ya gotta have a forum, right?  Done! 

TO JOIN:  Click
on this link to go to the forum
, then click the
‘register’ button at the top right-hand side of your screen.  Soon after you
fill out the registration form you’ll get a return e-mail letting
you know that you have full access to the forum.

The forum will be a safe place for us to ask questions, exchange ideas, problem-solve collectively, share reference materials we
use, and more.  Because we’re so geographically dispersed, we can even share ideas without helping possible competitors – nice. 

If you’re coaching now or considering it as a career, join us.  Our thanks to Mike Taylor in California for setting it up and moderating it for us.


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