Give the Gift of 12 Hunky Farmers



Hope you’re not tired of gift ideas quite yet – at least this one isn’t some damn gadget.

The Farmers of Columbia County Calendar features 12 "beautiful pics of a farm in upstate New York — and its handsome
proprietor(s)."  Profits help teach urban youth about farm-to-table benefits.   The calendar’s available online at

But what, all male?  Not that I don’t enjoy some rural beefcake hanging on my wall but hey, equal opportunity and all that.

The worthy causes benefiting from the sale are NYC Greenmarket and the Sylvia Center.  These next photos are from the Sylvia Center website.

Thanks to Kathy Jentz for the tip.




  1. Susan, thanks for the good wishes on my first Blogoversary. It’s been a great year. Where I live in western Mass. There are a number of women farmers, some who mainly work alone like Sue Atherton who inherited the family farm, and couples like Amy Klippenstein and Paul Lascinski who gave up travelling the world teaching people about straw bale houses to start up the beautiful Side Hill Farm, the most gorgeous vegetables, and now Sidehill Yogurts made from the milk of the most contented cows on the most lush pature that they improve and manage. All organic!

  2. Equal opportunity, huh? I’m with Jim, I think a Ladies of Rant Calendar is in order for next year!

    I like the beefcake angle, myself! This is awesome.

  3. I don’t dream about handsome farmers–I know how to do that stuff myself. But shirtless yard help, now we’re talking…

  4. Renate, I checked ’em out and was just thinking they may be trying to look hot but they’re really very average-looking. Then I noticed that the photos were all freebies, sent in by just anyone! Way to keep costs down and profits up, huh?

  5. Oh, I don’t really think they’re making a huge profit. There was an interview with one of the Chix in the Mountain View Voice.

    Here’s one of the quotes from that interview:
    …one day as she rode her bike past a truck driver with a wandering eye.

    “If I had a sign on my bum that said, ‘I like truckers who use biodiesel,’ that would have impacted his behavior,” she said….

    I really think their hearts are in the right place. I saw last year’s calender and found it very funny.

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