Fire ChemLawn; Hire a Painter!


FloridaHere’s another story about the entrepreneurial spirit, this time in a guy who paints dormant warm season lawns green for the winter, and I’m trying to figure out if I’m fer it or agin it.  He uses a liquid dye that’s nontoxic and "ecologically friendly", according to, and it only lasts a few months.  And as Ginny Stibolt noted when she sent me that link, "Better than over
watering, over fertilizing, and poisoning, I guess."

True enough.  I wonder if it could be done here in colder areas to "green up" our lawns in the summer. 

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  1. Not very eco-wise if you ask me.
    He still must buy the paint, and dispose of the empty container, drive around wasting gas to get to customers locations etc. etc.

    The (still iced in) TROLL

  2. Remember in Alice in Wonderland someone had planted the wrong colour roses, so was changing the colour by painting them? Well that was in Wonderland. I agree with Susan this painting sounds weird and bizarre and surreal. Apparently round here (Melbourne) where watering lawns is not allowed, many people are going for artificial grass.

  3. Why can’t people just accept that their lawn turns brown at certain times of the year? Seriously, get over it. Lawns wouldn’t be a problem at all and would even be a cheap, effective, low maintenance AND environmental groundcover if we would just let them go brown when they’re supposed to. OK, there’s still the biodiversity issue…

  4. If I painted my grass green for the winter, how could I enjoy the greening up and early growth in spring?  Granted, our grass doesn’t go totally brown in winter, but it does look somewhat ratty.  And I really look forward to March or April when everything turns totally green and fresh looking. I’ll keep my ratty grass and enjoy the spring green up.

  5. So why not embrace the bizarreness, be brazenly artificial and paint the yard pink or polka-dotted or camo–or something that emphasizes that dyed red mulch–maybe a neon acid green?

  6. With the way things have been going around here I can’t imagine anyone wanting to pay for this kind of service. I would much rather spend the money on my garden.

    Though if I had enough money to do this for fun I would want my yard in a nice bright pink.

  7. Ugh – what’s WRONG with brown, or any other color besides green? Why must the ground be green ALL the time!!! That’s what’s so nice about the seasons; the changes in color and texture. A brown lawn in Winter gives you something to look forward to come Spring. But, no, this IS the land of instant gratification. Now, in my own defense I love evergreen plants, and have many of them, but what’s next – are they going to glue temporary green leaves each winter on all the deciduous plants? Ugh…this is so silly, wasteful, um and did I already say silly?

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