Make that Secretary of Sustainable Agriculture!


This just in from Michael Pollan:  There’s a petition going around to encourage President-Elect Obama to appoint a Secretary of Agriculture who will "advance a new era of sustainability
        in agriculture, humane husbandry, food and renewable energy production
        that revitalizes our nation’s soil, air and water while stimulating opportunities
        for new farmers to return to the land."

Sounds good to me. Check out the petition here.


  1. Amy thanks for posting this.

    One reason some of us may have voted for Obama is because he might make greener decisions. As gardeners I think we should help him make the greenest changes in agriculture. I signed this petition.

  2. Pollan probably isn’t on the list because he’s a writer, not a policymaker. It’s one thing to write clear, visionary prose about how you think agriculture could and should be. It’s quite another to try manage USDA.

  3. Bill Moyers: …let’s watch my guest Michael Pollan turn pale as I ask him to suppose Obama did yield to legions of admirers and name you Secretary of Agriculture instead of yet one more advocate of industrial farming? Where would you start?

    MICHAEL POLLAN: I’m ready for the Shermanesque statement. …I would be so bad at this job.


    MICHAEL POLLAN: I have an understanding of my strengths and limitations… you have to understand that [the USDA], the $90 billion a year behemoth, is captive of agri-business. It is owned by agri-business. They’re in the room making policy there. When you have a food safety recall over meat, sitting there with the Secretary of Agriculture and her chief of staff or his chief of staff is the head of the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association.

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