Michael Pollan on Morning Edition


In case you missed it:  Pollan was interviewed about the new Secretary of Agriculture.  He rightly points out that words like "food" and "eating" don’t come up much as we discuss the future of American ag.  Listen here.


  1. Pollan has lots to say but what has that have to do with the Secretary of Agriculture’s agenda?
    Is Vilsack after a big pay check,
    fame, babes, or does he want to help farmer’s?

  2. What he says has much to do with the Secretary of Ag, his agenda or perceived agenda. We should rightly question whoever is put into this position, are they beholden to big corn? biotech? Monsanto? ADM? Kroger? Etc… This appointment affects what we eat and how we eat it and thusly the millions of acres that these crops grow on. We cannot dislocate our food from the soil it grows in.

  3. Interesting to see what will come of this, but Dr. Chu seems to be a good choice. Here is a link to a discussion he took part in regarding the use of currently subsidized ag land to grow grasses for energy without water or fertilizers, nan-tech solutions to converting sun-light to power, and projects they are working on to create power directly from sun-light via photosenthesis: http://fora.tv/2007/09/13/Steve_Chu_A_New_Energy_Program

    Michael Pollan is featured on another UC program here: http://www.uctv.tv/search-details.asp?showID=15417 where he discusses the true cost of food, fuel it takes to grow and move it…

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