Denver Mayor is Greening his Grounds



One more item about government officials greening their landscapes.  This one from last June has been sitting in our "drafts" file since
then but seems as timely as ever, so what the heck.

"All the cool kids are food gardening – or at least they're thinking about it," says the blogger at the Denver Post.  And the "cool kid" who's thinking about food gardening is Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper, who says that he and his wife are considering turning some of their huge lawn into a vegetable garden.  Here you see him demonstrating support for the nonpolluting Neuton lawnmower by entering the Neuton race, billed as the "Mow Down Pollution" event at a Denver park.

Politicians getting on board the better-landscaping train?  Yeah, it's happening. 

Photo credit: Denver Post.


  1. We love our mayor Hick!!

    This is especially remarkable in a place that averages 14 inches of precipitation a year! Just try getting a respectable tomato out here. Wimps do not garden in the West.

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