And–We Have a Winner!


Wow.  You people are insane.  Choosing a winner for our Botanical Interests seed giveaway proved nearly impossible given the fact that so many of you actually heeded my advice and put your comments in VERSE!  Lordy!

Consider, for instance, Dreamybee:

I live in a paradise green
filled with so many beautiful things.
I don't need the seeds,
but it's not about needs.
I know y'all know what I mean!

And Donna at Suburban Sanctum–my!

When it comes to In'trests Botanical
I can be quite tyrannical.
I'll get in such a fix
I'll grab way MORE than six
And they'll haul me away in a manacle.

Not to mention the many, many posts with wicked plant references.

But the prize goes to the man who wins our hearts with his warm and witty comments.  chuck b, come on down!

Amy Stewart writes garden rants
She sells books and wears nice pants.
But her garden up in Humboldt County
Sadly has no winter bounty.

Susan Harris was not fond
Of her thirsty, ugly lawn.
She tore it out and planted thyme
(Is she happy with this rhyme?)

Michele Owens grows what she eats
On a farm upstate, where it snows and sleets
She doesn’t like big agriculture
She’s a proud, organic mulcher.

That leaves us with Elizabeth Licata
When she gardens, she ain't drinking water
She loves bulbs beyond all measure
Those Buffalo gardens are a mighty treasure.

Chuck B is unemployed
His paychecks are null and void
With a gift of seed stimulus
He’ll plant dill, parsely and mimulus.

Yes, we are a sucker for flattery. And–my publisher wants to use "She sells books and wears nice pants" as promotional copy on my next book.  I mean, what else do you need to know?

Chuck, send your mailing address to me at amy at amy stewart dot com and I'll handle the rest.

Thanks for playing, everybody!


  1. Congratulations Chuck! The comments and poems were really fun to read. It’s nice that there are so many witty gardeners around here.

  2. All the entries were fun to read, Ranters, but as soon as that poem appeared I tweeted Chuck he would win. Am doubly pleased, mostly for Chuck and partly because it’s fun to be right.

    Congratulations and wishing you a high rate of germination with the lovely prize.

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  3. Chuck B, I believe that was the first poem anyone’s ever written about me!

    And if it isn’t, it’s certainly the most accurate tribute I’ve ever gotten. Thank you.

  4. That was me, Germi – above … I fixed my sign in so it no longer calls me ‘Dominomag’ – funny, that just started happening the day Domino folded.

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