Free pizza and victory gardens



Wilmington, Ohio, a small town that is losing its biggest employer is looking to weatherization, green industry and more vegetable gardens (among other strategies) to help its residents make it through the recession. Some gardens would be housed on the ground of a local college, which would also be producing tomatoes, potatoes, and corn for local pantries.

The idea is to encourage local families to grow their own food through this mentorship program, which would provide education and a demonstration garden. (I know it’s supposed to be so easy, but I would need some guidance if I were to take on serious food production, never having done it.)

The multi-pronged, forward thinking strategies here are admirable; I particularly liked the attitude of a pizzeria owner, who is giving away pizza for every pie he sells, even though he lost his biggest customer: “We know things are going to get better. We just need to get everybody thinking in that direction.”

Of course, the pizzeria has a pub attached to it as well. We all know that’s a good way to make money at any time, but especially these days.

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  1. This is really an old-fashioned concept that has finally come full circle. The problem is that many Americans have been dominated by the “me” attitude for so long they’ve forgotten how to pull together as a community. I don’t think it’s been done on a large scale basis since the Great Depression & WWII.

    Great article! & inspirational! – We cannot continue to be so insular in our thinking and I hope this trend of pooling resources and pulling together to help our neighbors out continues.

  2. Brilliant! We have a couple of these around here that supply those who work in the garden with food and donate the rest to local food banks. This example takes it a step further… LOVE IT!

  3. That is a very touching story. I’d like to think that my small town would do something like this, but in a town that size (which is big in comparison) and in an era when people don’t know their neighbors as well it is truly impressive. I am also happy that more people are having an opportunity to see the value of buying local and being closer to the source of their food. Its nice when positive things come out of a bad situation.

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