Seeds! Seeds! Seeds!



Oh, happy day!  Botanical Interests has shipped a box of seeds to me, and they are all WICKED seeds–datura, castor bean, opium poppy, tobacco–exactly the sort of thing I've been planting in this poison plant garden I've established outside my kitchen door.  (It's an area fenced off from both the backyard, where the chickens roam, and the front yard, where neighborhood children might wander by. More on the poison garden when it gets into full swing for the season.)

I am totally psyched to get these going.  I've been a fan of their seeds for years–I love the original art on the front of the seed packet, and the packages themselves are covered with information, both on the back and on the inside. They get extra high praise from me for labeling poisonous plants as such–something I think the plant industry is woefully lax about.

So–how fortunate for me.  I'm rigging up grow lights and plugging in seedling heat mats at this very moment.

How fortunate for you, too, as Botanical Interests would like to provide one of our beloved readers with their own little economic stimulus package in the form of six packages of seeds.

You get to choose the seeds, so head over there and pick something out for yourself. Then post a charming and entertaining comment–and as longtime readers know, I'm a sucker for poetry, be it a limerick or a sonnet–and I will select a winner in whatever arbitrary and capricious manner I choose. Winners announced in the next couple of days.


  1. there once was a crackhead named wain
    he’d steal my plants in the rain
    so i planted pointy and poisonous plants to deter him…
    and never again he came.

    Well, i hope it works. He got my begonia last night.

  2. There once was a Rajah named Surah
    whose son had some seeds of daturah
    He made soup for his dad at his rich princely pad
    Et voila, his dad was no murah.

    (Inspired by the stories that the ladies of the Mughal courts used datura as a poison to get rid of rivals)

  3. Oh sweet pea, I love you so
    though I’ve never grown you,
    I thought you should know

    Bachelor button, I love you too
    Blue or black or called cornflower
    will certainly do

    Perhaps none-so-pretty
    though she catches flies
    is awfully easy on the eyes

    And oh, cypress vine
    I’d attract so many hummingbirds
    If you’d just be mine

    To cheer me up
    it never fails
    gathering a mound of grass bunny tails!

    A stately stand of goldenrod, please
    because I love my local bees
    would be their knees

    And though long ago I’d given up the smoke
    I know the nicotania
    could be fun to….toke?

  4. There once was a garden for show,
    Whose plants no one else could grow.
    A garden of great beauty,
    Til someone got snooty,
    And stole the prizewinner from its hole.

    So to deter future greed,
    The gardener planted a new seed,
    One that no one would know.
    The seed put on a great show,
    And the thief came back with a hoe.

    Thought he was clever,
    But the gardener knew better.
    On touching the plant with his skin,
    The thief vowed never again.
    The pain was no joke,
    For this dishonest bloke,
    And now the garden is safe again.

  5. I have been meaning to ask you if you have read Rappaccini’s Daughter. It’s a short story by Nathaniel Hawthorne. It sort of fun…well gruesome fun but pertinent maybe? At any rate I am looking forward to photos of your poisn garden. Chri U

  6. Alas, I have little input in terms of pretty flowers

    My yarden is covered with snow

    I wish, I wish that I could have it back

    But Mother Nature says no!

  7. Oh Spring has come… and so have the ants
    Yes, early here in the Southern Oregon expanse
    I’m already outside in t-shirt and capri pants
    Oh, you guys in the Northeast calm your groans and rants
    Because with the sun come the bugs doing their dance
    And nothing will stop them, not even Amy’s poisonous plants!

  8. Love Botanical Interests too and Bravo to you for growing your Naughty Garden! I’d love to as well and maybe, just maybe, I will this year!

    I’m just no good at poetry or I’d do one for you about Stinging Nettles and the neighborhood kids that used to tear up my garden 😉

  9. Ballad of a seed hoarder

    The clover is blooming
    The grow lights are on
    My seed starting season is almost gone!
    Another few weeks and I’ll be out of luck
    But there’s always next year, so I don’t give a…

    Well into summer I’ll start up again
    Planning for this time of year to begin
    Seeds for spring blooming can go down in fall
    I doubt that I’ll ever get to them all.

    How many nasturtiums can one garden have?
    I seem to collect all the seeds I can grab
    Too many, you say? There’s no such thing.
    Seeds come alive every autumn and spring!

  10. Seed choices galore
    Just make me want more.

    Heirlooms and niches
    Forget dirty dishes,
    A gardener craves seeds
    Like an addict with needs.

    offered seed packets for free
    I fall to my knee.

  11. Not a sonnet, I’m just wondering if you’ve been to the Poison Garden at Alnwick Garden in Northumberland England?

  12. Black-eyed Susan said to Joe Pye
    Touch me again and surely you’ll find
    For dinner one night I’ll fix you meal worth dying for
    The first course a salad of Rhubarb leaves
    To drink, some delicate white oleander tea
    Braised shanks of lambs quarters,
    Dressed with stewed mayapples
    And a side of castor beans
    The final course will be Death by Chocolate
    Or so you may think
    You’ll say “I drank what?”
    When the hemlock is drunk
    As I pour your another drink

  13. There once was a lass without seeds
    Her arms tired of pulling up weeds
    She tied back her dreads
    and put in raised beds
    Now is eyeing this post with her needs!

    PS: Love the idea of a wickedly poisonous bed… !

  14. Amy Stewart writes garden rants
    She sells books and wears nice pants.
    But her garden up in Humboldt County
    Sadly has no winter bounty.

    Susan Harris was not fond
    Of her thirsty, ugly lawn.
    She tore it out and planted thyme
    (Is she happy with this rhyme?)

    Michele Owens grows what she eats
    On a farm upstate, where it snows and sleets
    She doesn’t like big agriculture
    She’s a proud, organic mulcher.

    That leaves us with Elizabeth Licata
    When she gardens, she don’t drink water
    She loves bulbs beyond all measure
    Those Buffalo gardens are a mighty treasure.

    Chuck B is unemployed
    His paychecks are null and void
    With a gift of seed stimulus
    He’ll plant dill, parsely and mimulus.

  15. I’m intrigued – what is your poison garden? I agree that plant companies don’t do a good job of labeling poisonous plants…I am always surprised when I find out something I have had for years is poisonous…

  16. Giant Casor Bean plant
    Might could shade out Opium
    Epic Poison Fail.

    (I love the idea of the I AM MADE OF POISON garden, being a misanthrope gardener and all. Did my crappy haiku win you over?)

  17. Botanical Interest packets are works of art;
    That I found when I shopped a nursery mart.
    But when I opened the Sungold pack to plant the seeds,
    I found only eight – far too few to meet my needs.
    So buy the packets to frame for you wall;
    For sufficient seeds, try other companies, ya’ll.

  18. Amy, when you mentioned a garden outside your kitchen door, I sure didn’t think it would be full of wicked and evil plants. I have laughed myself silly over this one. Can’t wait to hear more.

    BTW, the poetry is great.~~Dee

  19. Roses are red
    and so are tomatoes
    and beets
    and radish
    and chiles
    and strawberries…

    …a vegetable poem! (I can’t even rhyme)

    PS I got a nice box of seeds from BI too – LOVE IT.

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