Felder Rushing and Slow Gardening in the NY Times


And our friend Joe Lamp'l, too.  Great reading.

Favorite quotes? 

  • Felder to a "visitor" (presumably the NYT reporter):  “You don’t have a garden?” he said. “Come on! Grow a pot of lettuce, man.”
  • Felder comparing himself to a "fat old lizard".
  • “I’m not a snob, but I’m outside in my bathrobe a lot, and in the mornings I look like Jesus’ drunk brother.”


  1. This was a great day for Gardening in the media. Coincidentally, I’m in NYC for a segment I did today on Good Morning America, of all things, “Starting a vegetable garden”! While there, I learned that they are interested in covering a community garden project and I hope to be involved with them on that. So…I think we’ve got the attention of some great media again. Let’s keep it going.

  2. This is a great article on Felder, who I first heard about from Gardenrant! I’m sending this one to all my friends who think the garden police will bust them if they don’t follow all the rules. He is SO very much the antithesis of the White Flower Farm style of gardening.
    By the way, did anyone hear Diane Rehm today and discussion on organic/sustainable farming vs factory farming? I thought it was confusing and overly contentious.

  3. Great article. Felder’s attitude and style are inspiring.

    Those little mixed lettuce pots along the stairs are quite pretty–that blue really makes the other colors sing.

  4. This is my favorite quote:
    “On the other hand, lettuce is embarrassingly easy to grow. I grew some in a hanging basket last year. All it took was a squirt of vinaigrette, and I didn’t even have to bend over to eat it.”
    Even my husband would be willing to garden this way!

  5. Well done for the NY Times to find some of our special southern talent. And we got a twofer with Felder and Joe – who, by the way, was charming this morning on GMA.

    Oh yes, Felder does have a signature look.

    Hey Joe, what say you open the audience of your first network gig to your twitter friends? Cuz not doubt about it, you will be getting some calls!

  6. I just listened to the DRehm farming show and it was SO annoying. The discussion wasn’t well-focused and jumped all over the place. A couple of the guests didn’t know how to answer questions on the radio—too long, too vague. And then there was that shill from the American Farm Bureau Federation. Bob Young. He tried at every turn to discourage regular people from attempting food gardening. He got the last word too. When Diane tried, mostly unsuccessfully, to get some final advice for home gardeners, this yahoo from the AFBF said “first get yourself some Advil.” What an asshole.

  7. Ha! well put, Pam! The callers were MUCH more focused than the panel. I think I also heard Bob Young say that conventional farming was better for the environment than organic farming b/c conventional farming practiced no-till, but organic farming didn’t. Hunh?

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