Paul James is a lowdown lurker!



Here's an UPDATE to the post below, which was written three days ago and is already out of date: 

Out of the blue I received comments on my old posts about Paul from his PR firm, saying they're working on his website and it'll launch soon.  Great news! 

So I'm back-and-forthing with the PR guy, asking to be put on their press list for a DC-area appearance (dang!) and here's the latest from him:

I forwarded your email to Paul and he said he remembered when you rated him the
sexiest gardener on The Rant.  That's funny.

That's this post, ya know, from way back in June of '06.  Grrr.

For his 2+ years of sneakiness I think he owes us a guest post, don't you? 


  1. As a fellow “Twitterer” ( or fellow “Twit”), one learns a lot with the chatter there. According to Ken Druse, there is trouble ahead at HGTV for the esteemed Paul James. Apparently, the HGTV execs (who helped accelerate the over extension of credit and demise of this country with all of their house-flipping, mansion-building shows) don’t like guys with grey hair.

    They want someone younger. And probably Australian as half their empty-headed presenters are Aussies.

  2. I don’t watch garden shows on the TV machine — even though I could DVR them to watch outside of prime gardening time.

    But when I did, Paul’s show was the only one I could watch with a straight face — despite his antics. He deals with subjects in a way that you can apply solutions to your situation (hey, this ain’t Oklahoma) because he helped you understand the principles behind the point he’s trying to make.

    Maybe I’ll have to start setting my DVR for his show again.

  3. I guess people with money running the shows are more concerned with perfection. Gardens will never be perfect so they’ve been banned.

  4. Hi Gardeners and Paul James FANS!!! Thanks Susan and like I told you, I will be setting up a conference call with you real soon. Also, thanks to the fans for your kind words.
    If you happen to be in Reading PA, Paul is doing a seminar tomorrow 12:30, at the Reading, PA Home and Garden Expo. See link below.

    We have lots planned for Paul’s new website, but if there is something you would like to see let me know. Videos, FAQ, Paul James Merchandise???? Let us hear your thoughts.

    Again thanks for all your support of Paul James “The Gardener Guy” over the years and stay tuned to this blog for more info about Paul’s new website.

    Also Susan and Garden Rant Fans. I will talk to Paul about the Guest Post. Stay Tuned.


  5. Oooh! I was so disappointed to read that HGTV canceled PJ’s contract, I felt inclined to “rant” myself!

    (Yes, I’m long-winded, but I think I raise some halfway decent points at least! *Not* that HGTV is listening, of course…)

    This also tags onto Joe Lamp’l’s post about DIY Network cancelling his Garden Show, BTW…

    Anyhooo: I can’t wait for PJ to get his own website. I’d *love* to hear about upcoming appearances so – maybe – I can meet him in-person someday!

    At the very least, I think he should be a Guest-Poster on Garden-Rant, for SURE! Especially after you’ve had to “Play Secretary” for him for soooo long! It’s the LEAST he can do!

    Paul James Positively ROCKS!!!

  6. Class action lawsuit? False advertising: HGTV. Now is HDTV.

    Hey, Brian, work towards a “real gardens” show for Paul – urban gardens, kitchen gardens, forest gardens, wildlife gardens, etc. Gardeners always learn from seeing what others do.

    Will miss him on air – a natural – I’m a fan & on 2 episodes.


    Stupid execs who’ve never cut their own grass. There are more and more of us out there with gray hair and we’re the ones they need as viewers. If PJ does a podcast version of his show, I’d subscribe. Yes, I would pay to watch something on the internets!

  8. Hi Everyone. I know you all miss Paul, but keep this in mind “Gardening By the Yard” is still on HGTV. Sundays 7:30am. Not the best time but set your DVR’s. is going well and will be up soon. Lots of great things coming from Paul James. Just stay tuned.

    The Guest Post will happen soon….


  9. Interesting. I got a commnet on my entry from September, too, but I didn’t think it was for real. The commenter didn’t leave an email address or a website link, and when I Googled the press release, his name was nowhere to be found. If you do in fact have contact info and the person in question is in fact Brian Rowan, please let me know.

  10. My daughter ( now age ten ) & I have been completely hooked on “Gardening by the Yard” since we discovered it a while back. As it is our Sunday morning gardening fix, we were both disappointed to find that it was not going to be back. But a website will help. Maybe if he faked an Aussie accent HnotmuchGTV would find a slot for him ?

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