Possibly even hipper than gardeners? Farmers!


Maybe Jake Gyllenhaal came to have some farmers among his best friends by using the new website Find the Farmer to connect with them, and heck, so could regular folks.  I bet we could find their websites, arrange a tour, friend them on Facebook – the works.  Great idea, inspired by Pollan's Omnivore's Dilemma, according to this article.


  1. This one appears to be specific for farms who provide the flour company with no-till grains. Eastern WA is prevelant with grain farmers, so I was happy to see quite a few of them participating successfully in this method.

  2. How many shoppers at Walmart buy whole wheat flour and do they have time to read the label? I have a hard time shopping for bread at Walmart. 150 square ft of bread.
    They have too much stuff! People like it though. Where else can you find lacy 3 dollar thongs and whole wheat bread for a 2.50 a loaf?

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