Compost Makes the Front Page


Or–the front page makes compost!

Either way.  It's great to see this front-page story in the San Francisco Chronicle about the city's fine composting program.

San Francisco's garbage and recycling companies are leading the way in producing a high-quality, boutique compost
tailored for Bay Area growers, experts say. In one year, 105,000 tons
of food scraps and yard trimmings – 404 tons each weekday – get turned
into 20,000 tons of compost for 10,000 acres.

Read all about it here.


  1. I cite that program often as an example of how the District of Columbia–your nation’s capitol–lags behind other parts of the country when it comes to acting sustainably. D.C. still has no compost program to speak of, other than to truck its leaves in the fall to an outfit called Pogo Organics, way out in Maryland, which turns around and sells buckets of its compost at Whole Foods.

  2. I hope more communities do this! I will admit I chuckled a bit at the “boutique” label. Huh. Who knew I was so sophisticated all these years?

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