Gardening for Dudes


by Amy

From Library Journal:

Spring has sprung, dudes: I feel it in the air. And I know from my
vast store of personal knowledge that various kinds of seeds and living
plants can, with proper care and guidance, grow outdoors in a manner
that allows dudes to enjoy the fruits of this labor at a later date.
Sounds crazy, but it’s true. And this goes double for flowers, which
help pretty up the place and make women real happy when you give them a handful.

But flowers and ladies are all covered in Dudes 101. To nail the perfecta and start an actual garden, real dudes need to think ahead to pick out complementary plants that go the extra mile every time.

And then he goes on to recommend some books.

I just thought you'd want to know.


  1. love it! dude…

    Also thought you might want to know (and share w/ your readers…a great book giveaway at studio ‘g’ – 3 pre-release copies of Shed Chic.)

  2. Dudes can garden without books and complimentary plants too. 😛

    We just stop paying so much attention when college football season starts in the fall.

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