Garden coach publishes beginning veg-growing book


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Veg-gardening coach Jean Ann Van Krevelen wanted to spread the word, but rather than shopping for a publisher decided to take matters into her own hands.  She's well positioned to do so, what with her other coaching duties – in online communications, social networking, all the new media stuff I'm falling behind on as I type.  (My apologies to everyone following me on Twitter and getting bupkis.)

The result?  Her very own book now available in a digital version on Amazon and a print-on-demand version here

Now as a beginner myself, I'm in no position to judge the content, but I DO appreciate the newbie-level guidance and especially preparation suggestions – i.e. how to cook the stuff.  Yeah, I need help there, too.  But I'll turn the review over to others who know more than me, including our friend Debra Prinzing.

(You may remember that Jean Ann's the one who rescued me from the chore of updating our Garden Coach Directory by taking it Wiki using Wet Paint.  What a relief.)


  1. This is a great book! I, too, am supposed to be writing a longer review. “Hop to it, Katie” I tell myself.

    “But it is so nice out, I want to go tend my vegetables.”

    “Eventually, it will get dark, then you can go inside and write”

    Off to dig now!

  2. Thanks Susan! I appreciate all of the support. It is hard to break into this garden writing business. Have you been over to hear our new podcast yet? Even more new media excitement for you…Amanda Thomsen and I are co-hosting called

    I wondered where you’d been on Twitter.

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