1. You are so right! The chicken’s natural predator is not the mongoose, it’s women who know how to gracefully break their necks and cook them beautifully.

  2. The town of Fair Oaks outside of Sacramento, California is known for all manner of domestic fowl gone wild. Watch your step when you go to the local vegetarian fast food drive-in. Watch your food, too, because the chickens will fly onto the outdoor tables and try to steal it.
    The locals tell me the chickens are refugees from a now-defunct “old hippie commune,” but I don’t know if that’s fact or community legend.

  3. The funny thing is .. my in-laws live across the river from Fair Oaks in the tony ‘burb of Gold River. They loved talking up the fowl over there – until the birds found their way across the river ! Now roosters & hens are found on the manicured lawns of this polished subdivision & the residents are not happy. They’ve dealt with skunks, deer, ducks, raccoons, & even mountain lions ( on the Parkway ), but the poultry may be what makes them move !

  4. I had the good fortune of vacationing on Kauai a few years ago and my great niece, all of three years old at that time, would always say ‘What’s that noise’ each time the roosters crowed which was quite often and right under the windows. I could jolt you right out of bed at dawn but we all loved the roosters!

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