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You remember that Big Chem is complaining about Michelle Obama's garden being organic?  Well, advocates of organic are also speaking up – almost 70,000 so far.  Click here to add your support.


  1. Jimmy Carter was the last president to have a White House vegetable garden.

    I feel that the White House garden is a suggestion that there is no special interest group too small to pander to. Hiring two profesional gardeners to care for a 100 x 10 foot garden along with the security necessary must put the cost of this at at least a quarter of a million dollars.

    These, without doubt, are the most expensive vegetables on the planet. This even exceeds the huge cost per tomato that it cost me when in the spirit of organic gardening I bought a pot and put it on my deck and raised a tomato plant. The tomatoes were delicious, but a great extravagance.

    Surely there are far greater wastes of money in the governemnt, but it does set a poor example.

  2. I guess you would consider the professional horticulture staff and security required to tend the rest of the White House grounds an extravagance too, Jon? That must be the most expensive annual display of tulips in the nation. Imagine the security involved in mowing all that grass.

    Eleanor Roosevelt was the last tenant farmer at the White House, but if you can put a spin on anything you will certainly try.

    “The Obamas’ garden will not be the first at the White House. John Adams, the first tenant, planted a garden shortly after taking up residence in 1800. Woodrow Wilson brought in sheep to mow and fertilize the White House lawn in 1918, an effort to conserve resources for the war effort. In 1943, over the objection of the Agriculture Department, Eleanor Roosevelt planted a victory garden, inspiring millions of Americans to grow their own food during World War II.

    Recent efforts have been more modest. Jimmy Carter, a Georgia farmer who extolled the virtues of gardening during his campaign, declined calls in 1978 to plant a vegetable garden at the White House. During the Clinton years, a small garden was planted on the roof; the White House rejected the idea of a larger garden on the lawn, saying it was not in keeping with the formal nature of the White House grounds.”

    “I feel that the White House garden is a suggestion that there is no special interest group too small to pander to.

    Of course we all know that if Michelle Obama decided to use “crop protection products” in her vegetable garden to satisfy the MACA’s that would not be pandering because they represent big business interests.

    There is no doubt, Jon is a total shill.

  3. Having the First Lady of the United States in her garden, on her knees with a group of school children and all of them planting vegetables and herbs sets a poor example? Petition duly noted on my blog and signed by yours truly.

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