Sustainable Gardening Newsletter


April, 2009 Issue, GardenRant Edition. Here's the full newsletter.

Cherry Blossoms and Capitol Columns at Nat'l Arboretum

In the News

  • Green job
    opportunity!  Most cities are still sending organic kitchen waste to landfills,
    but not in British Columbia, where Bin to
    is operating.

  • The Women's
    Bean Project
    .  It's green, it fights poverty – what's not to

  • Got more squash than you
    can eat?  The online VeggieTrader
    is here to help you find takers.  (Or you could use a neighborhood Yahoo group –
    which if you don't have one, why

  • To dispel any doubts that fresh, local foods are IN, there's a $3 iPhone
    Locavore app
    to help you find

On the Sustainable Gardening

On Other

  • Blogger Tom Alexander does
    NOT shy away from politics. 
    Here's his rant
    about "wingnut" climate-change deniers. 

  • Joe Lamp'l's $25 Victory
    Garden Challenge is getting lots of (well-deserved) attention. Watch episodes here
    and here. 
    Press coverage detailed here.

  • Somehow Stuart in Australia happened upon these findings: a connection
    between throat cancer and smelling roses.
      Damn. [Update:  Stuart's post was published April 1 – and he got me!  If I'd only read it more closely I'd have been laughing out loud.]