Utility grounds going green


Here's an exciting tip just received from Hope Taft in Ohio:  Dayton Power and Light will be turning their 1,000 acres of lawn into meadow, resulting in reduced maintenance costs, drastically reduced use of gas mowers, and lots of new homes for Ohio's wildlife.  Brilliant.  Here's the story.

Let's hope this is the beginning of a trend and we'll see millions of acres across the country returned to nature. 


  1. For a time, more years ago than I care to admit, I worked at one of the Northeastern Ohio Regional Sewer District sewer treatment plants. It was quite an interesting job. The worst thing was the constant smell of sewer gas that permeated the place. You got used to it, believe it or not. But the best thing about it was being in a building with lots of windows that overlooked a pond, with a meadow, trees and families of ducks. The ducks didn’t mind the smell a bit, nor did the many birds and butterflies that visited the meadow.

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