Garden Blogger’s Bloom Lull


Thanks to 90 degree heat in April, the tulips are finished very early this year, so this is a particularly unexciting Bloom Day in Saratoga Springs, NY.


We’ve got our basic variegated Solomon’s seal, which is a complete trooper in dry demi-shade. I love the mathematical precision with which its bell-like flowers are hung on its arch.


And we have allium aflatunense ‘Purple Sensation’, which steps in the second the tulips fade. It’s a great color, it’s nice and tall, and it is not nearly as expensive as the larger-flowered alliums like giganteum, so I have dozens in my front bed. My only complaint is that its foliage starts yellowing before it even blooms.


  1. Tulips gone here; Wild Geranium just fading, but still pretty (I have whole “drifts” of it), Waterleaf (Virginia, Great) well underway, soon to be spectacular!

    Jacks and Green Dragon in full display add a nice touch.

    …And blooming now in the prairie garden: wild hyacinth, Starry Solomon’s Seal, Golden Alexander, with Sundrops, Penstemon, and Spiderwort about to “jump in”!

  2. Thanks for mentioning that the allium foliage turns brown before the blooms appear. This was my first yr w/ allium and I was thinking of moving them b/c of this. But hearing that it’s normal (or typical) even north of me makes me decide to keep them.

  3. My shade makes allium impossible, even the wacky little species ones. BUT my shade makes it possible for all my tulips to still be up, in spite of rain and wind.

  4. eliz, I have this nice romantic image of your gardens: dense, dark, with heavy air and scents. just short of being humid in the heat of the summer. Private and yet very close to other houses and the people and traffic on the streets. Some of the houses in Georgetown (DC) are like that.

  5. We still have tulips in MN, though probably not much longer. I love ‘Purple Sensation’allium and hate to cut them down at the end of their season. Even when the blooms have turned brown, they look cool and architectural in the garden.

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