iPhone app for trees in beta, coming soon


I hope this appeases Amy somewhat.  Though not a full gardening application like the Sunset plant guide or Armitage perennial book or public garden guide, at least coming soon is a tree guide for her iPhone.

Ah, but it's not just an online version of a regular old tree book.  How it works is that you'll take a photo of a leaf and the program automatically identifies the tree for you.  Programmers foresee apps able to ID a bird from a call, and more.  Wow.


  1. Kratom, iPhone apps run anywhere from $1.50 to $7 to download. Some come with advertisements for other products and services, which can be annoying.

    If you’re concerned, you can always read the review before downloading.

  2. Does anyone know whether there is an application on IPhone for gardening in general. Time to fertilize, seed, plant, etc?

  3. As an new iPhone fanatic I think its taking way too long for garden apps to be developed. There is one called Botany Buddy Tree and Shrub Finder but it’s $9.99. And where is the gardening category in apps . . . .
    Are there any developers out there listening?

  4. Botany Buddy is significantly underpriced at $9.99, so far as I’m concerned. You could go drop $100-$200 on standard print references, but you wouldn’t have all the photos, the national (vs. regional) coverage of varieties, the search capabilities, the ability to build and share libraries of plants (between, say, a professional landscaper and her clients, or vice-versa), and you wouldn’t have the ability to access the databases remotely, with or without an iPhone/iPod Touch.

    Multiply the cost factor every time Botany Buddy rolls out a new product — flowers, vegetables, etc. — which I’m sure are in the pipeline (or else they would have called it “Tree & Shrub Buddy.”)

    No other reference product is functional at this level, so far as I can tell. $9.99 is a bargain bargain bargain.

    (and if Apple ever adds a camera to the iPhone, you’ll be able to add your own photos to your plant libraries. How cool is THAT?)

  5. Of course I meant to say “if Apple ever adds a camera to the iPod Touch.” The iPhone already has one. Doh.

    For Botany Buddy, then, you can add your own photos to your plant libraries directly with the iPhone, and can upload them to the iPod Touch (until Apple revs with a camera on that product).

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