Reporting in from GWA


I'll do my best to post some photos and witty remarks from the Garden Writers Association conference in Raleigh, where I'm hanging out with Susan, Elizabeth, and many Friends of Rant.  You can also follow along on Twitter with the #gwa hashtag if you're so inclined.

One thing I intend to do this year is to spread the word about the Garden Writers Discussion Board, which we started last year right after the conference.  You can read all about it here and find out how to join. We've got 244 members, but the board has been kind of quiet lately.  Remember that you can set it up to e-mail you when new topics are posted, and you can subscribe to it as an RSS feed.  It's a free board, although making donations will keep advertising off your screen.

I set it up in response to the many groans from GWA members when we found out that the organization's new website wouldn't have a discussion board because it "wasn't in the budget." Well, it doesn't take a budget, just a little bit of time.  There are almost too many ways to keep in touch these days–listserv, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, blogs, etc–but I understand why people said they wanted a discussion board.  You can start a topic on a subject like, say, how much to charge to speak to a garden club, and even if nobody has anything to say on that topic for a few months, it's easy to go back, read what everyone did have to say at the time, and revive the discussion if you'd like to.

So if it's useful to you, get in there and check it out–and perhaps we'll see a bunch of new members after GWA.


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