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  • A new section about Urban Gardening
    Visit and in a comment suggest more good links, great programs, awesome stories
    about school and community gardens, CSAs, park renovations, farmers'
    markets, backyard-sharing and container/rooftop/balcony gardening.
  • Renee Shepherd joins the website as its newest contributor.  I asked her:  How do veg-gardeners go wrong?  Her answer? Veg-Gardening: What Works, What Doesn't. 

In Your Garden Now

  • What almost everyone needs to do right now but probably won’t? Overseed the lawn.  Without it, lawns fade away, and homeowners are discouraged – or they hire ChemLawn to force that lawn to green-up, fast!
  • AND it's time to feed your lawn, the second thing that most people should do but don't.  Scroll down to "Fall" here.
  • And what do you know?  It's also the best time to start a new lawn.  

In the News

  • At the state's urging, towns along the Passaic River in New Jersey are lining up to limit the use of landscape fertilizers.
  • Casey Trees (a terrific nonprofit here in DC) shows how trees can be cared for by bicycle.  They call it the Water-by-Cycle Initiative.

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  1. I was gardening this evening and the neighbor yelled to her husband “should we mow their yard too?” Not with that polluting machine. I yelled back (in my smarmy mind) “Put some landscaping out so property values go up.” All they have is grass. And they mow / blow religiously as a couple. It’s cute, really. Anyway, I ain’t mowing until the funnel spiders leave and it’s time for fall fertilzing–damn, that’s next week!

  2. Hi Susan,
    Nice links with some valuable info.

    In regards to the cost to install a sod lawn in my area the price for professional installation , which includes soil prep , the sod and the laying of the sod is in the $ 3.25 per square foot range.
    A tad bit higher than the amount that was mentioned on the Sustainable Blog.

    Just incase someone from the California area was reading and was interested in a realistic cost estimate bid.

    Michelle D.

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