That Was DeadheadERS, Not—Oh, Never Mind.


From the "Only in California" department comes this gem of a story in the San Francisco Chronicle.  Gardeners at the Morcom Rose Garden in Oakland put out the word that they could use some volunteer help to deadhead the garden's 5000 roses.  But when you say "Deadheaders Wanted" in the Bay Area, in the middle of a drowsy, fragrant, late summer weekend, what do you get?

Deadheads.  Lots of them. In their tie-dyed shirts, Felcos in hand. 

"There was a bit of confusion, but it turned out great," said city of
Oakland gardener Tora Rocha, who oversees the city-owned 8-acre park
off Grand Avenue. "We ended up getting tons of volunteers."

Far out.  Now the Deadheads show up and prune and listen to some tunes and it's all very beautiful in a horticultural Summer of Love way. As one Deadhead said, "If you can get all these hippies to take care of your garden, everyone wins."


  1. Trimming my flea-bane
    High on cocaine…….

    Mile a minute vine you better watch your speed……..

    Clematis ahead, poison ivy behind
    Dontcha know chokeberry just crossed my mind……

    Trouble with weeds….
    Is a trouble indeed……

    Trimming my fleabane…
    High on Cocaine…….

    (you know the rest of the Gratefeul Dead tune)

    The TROLL

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